For some, social isolation generates as much distress as does the fear of the coronavirus itself.  Sadness when we fear contagion and and stress when our emotional attachments are unavailable due to social isolation is what many of us experience. The gradual adjustment to our changed circumstances is the hoped for response to our changed world.

In order to provide "social distancing" to limit COVID-19, Mr. Rusk is offering Telehealth counseling for those clients who prefer not to come to the office or are not vaccinated. All that's needed is a computer, tablet or smart phone that can connect to a secure WIFI or internet network. Call, or email, Mr. Rusk your name, email address and phone number, and he will send you a link to log onto a HIPAA compliant website for a video session. Many insurance companies and EAPS reimburse for Telehealth sessions. The following steps make it easy to access this service:

1. Call Mr. Rusk at (513) 260-8825 to find an available appointment time, or

2. Send your name, email address and your phone number to [email protected] .

3. You will be sent a link to click on and register at the web site. Enter the information requested and meet with Mr. Rusk for a Telehealth video session at the agreed upon appointment time.

4. During the COVID-19 crisis, many insurance companies have waved co-pays and deductibles for clients who access Telehealth services. Please check with your insurer to see what your costs, if any, will be for Telehealth services.

See the Telehealth page for more information on this service.

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