Telehealth is the deliverery of counseling services using interactive technologies, such as computer generated video and audio, between the client and the provider who are not in the same location. Sometimes referred to as internet counseling, Telehealth uses network and software security protocols to protect the confidentiality of client information transmitted via computer, smart phone or tablet. The video session is considered protected health information (PHI) by HIPAA and is subject to the same rules as in person counseling or therapy sessions.

Telehealth services are available to OHIO RESIDENTS.  Check with your insurance company to see if telehealth services are covered. TriHealth, Magellan and OPTUM EAPs will cover Telehealth sessions so if you are using this benefit check with them to get an authorization.

You need a computer, tablet or smartphone that can connect to a password protected WIFI or internet system and a private place to use it. Call 513 260-8825 , or email Mr. Rusk at [email protected] , with your name, email address and phone number and you will be contacted to set up a video session appointment. The video session is considered as private as an office visit.

For new clients please go to Helpful Forms download, fill out and return the New Client Office. pdf for in-person appointments and for new TeleHealth clients the New Client Telehealth.pdf  You can scan and attach the completed forms to an email and send to [email protected] , fax to 513-832-2993 or mail to Gregory S. Rusk, LISW at 1117 Fehl Lane Cincinnati, OH 45230 .

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